Women in Construction Spotlight: Hannah Lee

Carpenter Apprentice Hannah Lee has grown up with generations of carpenters, including her grandfather, a union operator, and her dad, who was a union laborer and residential carpenter. As a child, Hannah was inspired and curious about how things went together and enjoyed working with her hands. Her family encouraged her to explore her interests and skills.

Hannah studied Elementary Education for two years before transitioning to Gateway Technical College to study Facilities Maintenance. While there, Hannah completed a residential carpentry course and fell in love with the trade and was inspired to change her career path. Soon after, she joined Riley Construction as a carpenter apprentice and just started the first quarter of her second year with the team!

Hannah’s advice to young women and girls who are thinking about a future in construction is: “DO IT GIRL! Who cares if you’re the only girl on the job? Show the other guys how capable you are. It was nerve wracking at first to be the only girl and pretty much the smallest person on the jobsite, but I pushed past those nerves and showed my foreman my skills. Now everyone knows who I am! Being a woman in a man’s world seems daunting, but once you find your place and get comfortable, you’ll be totally fine!”

Thanks for being on our team at Riley, Hannah. We look forward to watching you shine!

  • Hannah taking a goofy selfie!

  • Hannah and her mom, Dee Morgan