InStep - Integrated System of Team Engagement Planning

Reliable Outcomes. No Surprises.

Riley’s “Integrated System of Team Engagement Planning,” or InSTEP®, uses proven Lean principles to deliver the facility you expected, on time and within budget.

Customer Values:

Before any construction begins, we get to know you. Riley works with you to identify and define what is most valuable to you and your project. We then transform each project’s core values into real and attainable metrics and goals and report on our progress of these goals through every phase. With our consistent communication, Riley provides a level of transparency and accountability that is too often elusive on a construction project.

Lean Production Principles:

Any contractor can claim to use Lean thinking. At Riley, we’ve customized Lean’s most effective principles to fit your unique needs. Risk reduction, waste elimination, and a drive for continuous improvement are embedded in our approach, which will ultimately save time and money while increasing the quality of your facility.

Construction Technology:

Riley is powered by technology. Using the latest construction industry technology, we deliver collaborative, innovative, and custom-tailored solutions for your project. Our in-house tech experts use a wide range of visualization tools, virtual design, and real-time data to keep you informed throughout every phase.

Proven Best Practices:

With over 50 years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. We expect every team member to examine past, current, and future processes and provide input on where we can improve. Challenging the status quo at every level has enabled us to establish a vast library of proven best practices. In the end, your facility will reflect our experience, passion, and the art and science of construction that Riley has spent decades perfecting.