Construction Technology

Facilitating collaboration at every stage.

Riley’s collaborative InSTEP® production method ensures that we understand the individual needs of your project and can leverage the technologies that provide the highest possible value. We look at technology not as a replacement for expertise, but as a tool to make the entire construction process innovative, efficient, and maybe even enjoyable!

  • Model Authoring

    Riley’s in-house VDC experts create detailed 3D models of your facility. These powerful visual tools allow you to make more informed decisions before construction begins.

  • Model-Based Estimating

    We use early design models to generate quantity takeoffs and provide fast and accurate cost analyses.

  • Building Coordination

    We work with our trade partners and design teams to develop accurate 3D models of all building systems, identifying clashes and other issues before installation begins. This saves significant time and cost by addressing issues before they reach the job site.

  • Reality Capture

    Laser scanning creates a “reality capture” that can be of great assistance on renovation projects. Our point-cloud laser scans show conditions behind existing walls and integrate with 3D models.

  • Immersive Visualization

    Virtual and Augmented Reality tools allow you to visualize your building before it’s built! Riley will validate your designs early in the process to avoid costly changes later.

  • Site Logistics & Schedule Visualization

    The “where and when” of your job is always clearly visible to everyone thanks to Riley’s straightforward site logistics visuals and schedule communication methods.

  • Digital O&Ms and Closeouts

    We provide customers with digital Operations & Maintenance (O&M) manuals at closeout via preloaded iPads. We train facility staff on the software so they can navigate the maintenance documention as well as the project designs.