Project: Communication

Communication is key to keeping construction projects running smoothly. There are a lot of people involved in a project including the client, the construction team, subcontractors, vendors, architects, etc. It’s important to be able to communicate with everyone, not just about the project information, but also on a personal level to create trust and build a long-term professional relationship.

Here are some tips that everyone involved in a project can use to communicate well, make sure needs are met, and build relationships.

  • Always be honest and genuine – Trust is earned.
  • Every interaction is an opportunity to build relationships – You can learn more about someone even during a short conversation.
  • Be attentive and responsive – Pay attention to what is needed and respond accordingly.
  • Go above and beyond – If you don’t exceed expectations, someone else will.
  • Building a good relationship takes time – Have patience and continue to communicate throughout the project, and remember to follow up after.

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