Kevin Kendellen, LEED AP Construction Technology Manager

A 20+ year industry veteran, Kevin joined Riley in 2017 and has since brought the company’s construction technology to a world-class level. He earned his B.S. in construction management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). Kevin holds multiple industry certifications through groups such as WHEA (Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association) and Revit.

While his family was not involved in the construction industry, Kevin surmises that his interest in building probably began with his first Lego set. His passion for buildings, architecture, and construction eventually led to his pursuit of a career on the design side of the industry. “I chose construction because the industry is always changing, and every day brings something new,” Kevin said. “I enjoy new challenges, new opportunities, and the overall sense of pride in being part of Riley’s great projects and seeing them develop from concept into a landmark.”

Kevin, his wife, and their four children (and 3 cats) enjoying living in the Lake Country area of Wisconsin. He stays busy with the kids’ activities (soccer, baseball, softball, football, and basketball),  and keeps up on his guitar-playing skills as much as possible. His family has been involved with Milwaukee Irish Fest for over 25 years, coordinating a couple of festival areas through planning and during the festival weekend. Kevin is also involved in STEM education groups. “I enjoy sharing the opportunities that being in construction can provide our next generation,” he explained.

Fun Fact?  “I’m still an avid Lego fan. I’ve passed that fandom to my kids just so I could justify getting more sets as an adult.”

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