Erin Anderson, LEED AP Chief Operating Officer

Erin has been with Riley through her entire career, beginning as an intern in 2001. She climbed the ranks steadily, successfully leading some of Riley’s largest and most complex projects, until achieving her current role of Chief Operating Officer in 2022. Erin holds a B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Born and raised in Racine, WI, Erin showed a penchant for construction and engineering from a young age. “I was always good at math and science, and was told over and over that engineering would be a great field for me,” she said.  “I started down the path of civil engineering and later added the construction management focus.” After over 20 years with Riley, Erin is happy with her decision. “I enjoy the collaboration, seeing a building take shape, and being a part of a team that sets out to achieve a common goal.”

Erin and her husband Ryan built a house in Pleasant Prairie, WI, not far from Riley’s headquarters, where they live with their three children: Kaitlyn, Max, and Mason. Most of her free time is spent on athletic endeavors, either her own or her family’s. “I have always been a swimmer and runner but recently added yoga to the mix,” she said. “I work during the week and am ‘swim mom’ and ‘hockey mom’ over the weekend. Kaitlyn followed in my footsteps and is a competitive swimmer and the boys followed in Ryan’s and both play hockey. We are a boating family too, so sports hit pause for the summer so we can enjoy time on the lake.”

Fun Fact? “I have a passion for endurance sports and have competed in 10 marathons. One of them was to help ‘Marathon Man’ achieve a world record of running more than 200 marathons in 16 months across all 7 continents.”

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