Erik Dillon, LEED AP Vice President

Erik began his career with Riley as an intern in 2006, and  rose through the project management ranks before his most recent promotion to Vice President in 2022. Erik holds a B.S. in construction management from Western Illinois University.

Erik grew up on the south side of Milwaukee and was exposed to the construction industry from a young age. “My father was a union carpenter for 35 years and was always building or fixing something,” Erik said. “He exposed me to smaller construction projects and taught me to be a problem solver. I worked on cars and small engines, which taught me how to work with tools and my hands. I later transitioned into playing a lot of sports (basketball and football), which taught me hard work, competitiveness and the importance of strong relationships. I believe these things were instrumental to who I am today.”

With two young daughters, Erik’s number one hobby outside of work is spending time with his family. They spend a lot of time on outside activities, including swimming, sports, visiting local parks and beaches, and taking family trips.

Fun Fact? “I’m a certified blackbelt in Taekwondo (karate).”


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