Bubbling with Benefits

Building with less concrete by using BubbleDeck technology

Riley Construction recently saved a client both time and money by using an innovative concrete slab technology on a large healthcare construction project. This patented technique, called BubbleDeck, replaces up to 35%* of a concrete slab with plastic air-filled bubbles that act as a void. The bubbles are inserted into the slab and held in place by reinforcing steel mesh on the top and bottom. The bubbles displace concrete without sacrificing structural strength.

Customer Benefits

Cost: By using prefabricated panels and less concrete, cost can be reduced by about 10% versus traditional site-cast concrete.

Flexibility: Lighter, thinner, prefabricated slabs, and smaller and fewer columns and beams create longer spans for more extensive and open floor plans. The system also offers wider access for overhead MEP systems, and the material is easier to cut through later during remodels.

Schedule: Floor cycles can be up to 20% faster than traditional construction methods.

Safety: Off-site manufacturing, fewer vehicle trips and crane lifts, and simple installation all minimize operating and health & safety risks. BubbleDeck systems are fire-rated, so there is no additional fire proofing needed.

Environmental: Reduced construction materials and lower energy consumption, combined with the use of recycled plastic “bubbles,” helped Riley and the customer lessen environmental impact.

A Global Team Effort

To implement this creative construction technique, Riley Project Manager Craig Matthews and his team had to be equally creative in their procurement methods.

“We sourced the steel lattice gutters from Europe, where BubbleDeck originated,” Matthews explained. “The plastic bubbles came from a recycled plastic manufacturer in Madison, Wisconsin. We were able to obtain the prefabricated panels from a local precast concrete manufacturer.”

The team’s extra effort paid off in the end. “The client is happy with the reduced costs and increased flexibility the BubbleDeck system provided, while not lessening quality,” said Matthews.

*All percentages are according to BubbleDeck North America LLC.