Quality Control

Riley Construction firmly believes in the importance of total quality control and employs a full-time quality control manager to ensure that specific methods and procedures are followed to consistently meet our clients’ needs and maintain each projects’ specified quality level, as well as, our corporate quality standards.  Our program utilizes the following key methods:

Early Detection
Drawings and specifications are reviewed by our QC manager for errors, omissions, value enhancements, constructability, and beneficial modifications, then he informs his findings to the team.  Specific focus is given to inspections, testing, and special submittal requirements. These items are thoroughly reviewed by the project team to identify quality issues, alternative value-added methods, etc.

Qualified Performers
During the procurement phase, trade contractors and material suppliers are put through a rigorous screening process for their experience and reputation for providing quality product and installations.

Progress Inspections
Timely and detailed quality inspections are performed to monitor expected standards. Our QC manager reviews the work on a regular basis, prepares written reports of his findings and recommendations for the team’s use to ensure that the appropriate level of quality work is provided. Our goal is total quality control.

Recognition for Quality Performance
During regular construction meetings, contractors will be recognized for their quality performance on specific examples of construction installations. The regular construction meetings will also be utilized to define acceptable methods, reinforce quality standards, and continually keep the team focused on commitment to quality.

Continuous Training
Monthly, project managers and superintendents meet to discuss productivity, quality management and safety issues.  Each training session focuses on a specific element of the construction process.  We provide on-going training for all supervisory staff.