Laser Scanning

It’s common to encounter incomplete or inaccurate as-built drawings for an existing building. 3D laser scanning can accurately document existing conditions of facilities, assist with developing accurate 3D models of the interior and exterior, minimize conflicts between new and existing components during planning, designing or upgrading additions and renovations.

Point cloud based as-built drawings and 3D models can improve design by analyzing clashes between newly designed elements and existing conditions or by evaluating alternative designs prior to construction. The accurateness of dimensions obtained from laser scans can also help improve planning by providing exact measurements for demolition and removal of components, as well as for prefabricated materials, minimizing waste and changes in the field.

3D laser scanning technology captures digitally dimensions and spatial relationship of objects using laser light. The scanner outputs a point cloud image, which accurately replicates the scanned objects. When an object is too large to be captured in a single scan, multiple scans from different lines of sight can be linked together to complete the point cloud image. Once the 3D point cloud is generated, the data is exported to CAD, modeling and BIM programs to generate 2D CAD drawings or a 3D model.