Integrated Project Delivery

The integrated project delivery process allows builders to contribute their expertise in construction techniques early in the design process resulting in improved project quality and financial performance during the construction phase. There are several phases involved with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), but the promised result is project optimization, increased owner value, and reduction of waste in the project.  These are achieved through the alliance of key team participants involved in the project to join their abilities, experience and visions, and contribute knowledge, decision making and expertise with information openly shared.  The focus is on collectively achieve shared goals rather than meeting individual expectations.

During the Construction Phase Riley will provide:

  • Continuous cost feedback using information extracted from the model
  • Verify that cost is all-inclusive and accurate
  • Verify prefabrication decisions
  • Verify construction schedule
  • Coordinate alternative options for presentation to Owner
  • Coordinate and track team’s performance
  • Coordination of building systems, including MEPS
  • Ensure compliance with project requirements
  • Verify tolerances
  • Provide input for coordination and conflict resolution
  • Provide detail-level models for applicable scope of work, adjust models to coordinate with other systems
  • Verify cost and schedule for subcontractors scope