Gateway Technical College Multiple Projects

Location Kenosha, WI
Architect Partners in Design

In the past two years, Riley has performed over 70 projects at Gateway Technical College Kenosha Campus.  The GTC Success Center project is the combination of eight projects in one, and part of an overall fiscal year improvement plan at Gateway Kenosha campus. The overall project consisted on:

  • Learning Success Center Renovation – A live remodel which involved working in a fully operational educational facility while redirecting traffic around the construction zones. Project yields a new open space for students to utilize for tutoring as well as new testing services, multi-cultural center, family support areas and staff support offices.
  • Student Life Expansion (entry) – Demolition of the connecting entry between the science building and academic building. This expanded the entry to capture a better presence for Gateway and add a little multicultural room.
  • Academic Building 1st Floor Toilet Rooms Repairs – The project included the complete demolition and remodel of the public toilet rooms and creating a new entrance to the toilet rooms from the new Student Life Expansion addition project.
  • Academic Building Electrical Switchgear Replacement – complete replacement of the switchgear that serves the Academic building, which houses the Learning Success Center
  • Academic Building North Stair Replacement – The stairs are a complete demo and replacement in the academic building which will tie into the new Student Life Expansion Addition
  • AHU & Controls Upgrade – Upgrade of the pneumatic controls currently serving the academic building to direct digital controls.
  • Fire Protection Phase 1 Sprinkler Riser- Upgrade of the system that feeds the building fire suppression system.
  • Canopy Repair Academic Building East & West Entrances – repair of 2 canopies on the academic building