OSHA Focus Four Hazards

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the Focus Four Hazards (also called the Fatal Four) were responsible for 64% of all fatalities in the construction sector. OSHA separately states that 90% of the construction fatalities come from these four hazards. The Focus Four Hazards are Falls, Electrocution, Struck by, and Caught in between.

Falls are typically the leading cause of injuries and fatalities on the jobsite and range from unprotected sides and edges, poor housekeeping, to improper use or lack of proper fall protection equipment.

Electrocution hazards include contact with overhead or underground power lines, unprotected electrical panels, and poorly maintained tools and equipment.

Struck by hazards can be caused by falling objects ranging from poor rigging equipment, lack of overhead protection, loose and shifting materials, as well as being struck by equipment or motor vehicles.

Caught in between hazards range from trench and excavation cave-in hazards to machine guarding issues as well as equipment maintenance.

It is essential to understand Focus Four Hazards and all safety related items and learn how to avoid them to create a safer work environment for all employees who visit or work on our jobsites. In order to protect our employees, owners, and subcontractors from the Focus Four Hazards, Riley Construction encourages collaboration throughout the entire company to plan and prepare for safety throughout the construction process. 

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