InSTEP and Lean Project Approach

Riley’s project approach is about creating shared understanding. Not just an understanding of the construction industry, or of building materials, or of budgets and schedules. Our approach is about understanding you and your unique values – and keeping those values at the forefront of every decision.

It’s about getting InSTEP®.

What is InSTEP?

Riley’s proprietary “InSTEP” (Integrated System of Team Engagement Planning) method of project delivery combines Lean production principles with cutting-edge construction technology and Riley’s extensive industry knowledge to deliver a collaborative experience that is efficient, effective, and intensely focused on what you value the most.

InSTEP and Lean Production Management

Riley puts InSTEP into action before to any construction work begins and continually monitors processes; delivers value; and reduces waste through every phase of your project. The result is a transparent and predictable construction process that delivers high quality, on time and within budget.

A construction project is, in the simplest terms, a series of commitments that ultimately produce the “finished product,” which is your building. InSTEP uses a standardized set of proven best practices from Lean production management to ensure each commitment is executed reliably, while continuously measuring how well we are delivering customer value.

InSTEP and Collaboration

Team Engagement is, literally, InSTEP’s middle name. Throughout your project, Riley will engage ALL team members to examine past, current and future processes and provide input on how to improve. This transparency empowers all stakeholders to challenge the status quo and continuously raises standards on our projects.

How Does InSTEP Benefit You?

Any contractor can claim to use “Lean thinking” on their jobs. With InSTEP, Riley has created a uniquely collaborative project approach that injects the drive for continuous improvement directly into our culture. This drive directly impacts the schedule and budget of your project. It also develops a relationship based on trust and accountability, which Riley will nurture throughout your project and, ultimately, through repeat business down the road.

To learn more about InSTEP and how Riley makes your job easier, please contact us.