Rust-Oleum Distribution Center Expansion

Riley Construction was selected as Design/Builder for the 250,000 SF Rust-Oleum Distribution Center Expansion project. The project featured:

  • Structural steel and precast wall panels conform the 250,000-square-foot expansion distribution center. Originally built in 2007, the project was designed for this eventual addition.
  • The project is part of a H3 building type which is very hazardous due to the storage of aerosols and paints that requires special safety procedures
    Prior to the start of work, the entire site was stabilized using lime kiln dust and Portland Cement to aid with the winter construction schedule, and allow for a spring slab on grade installation.
  • 2013 winter conditions were a huge challenge due to the extreme weather experienced, but work remained on schedule.
  • The expansion results in the creation of 54 new employees, and additional investment of $1.3 million to equip the Pleasant Prairie facility, for expanded small batch spray paint production.


  • Size: 250,000 SF
  • Architect:¬†Heitman Architects Incorporated