Roundy’s Food Processing Facility

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Roundy’s first introduced their private label products in 1922 with iodized salt.  Since then, the company has added more than 3,200 items to the Roundy’s Own Brand.

Riley Construction provided concrete construction services for Roundy’s new 116,000 SF refrigerated food processing plant.  The facility produces signature sausage, cheese, ice cream, deli and bakery offerings, bottled water and premium ice. Manufacturing efforts are focused on perishable and highly-distinguishable items.

Temperatures inside the building range from 40 degrees in the food-preparation areas to 80 degrees below zero in a spiral freezer that rises 2 1/2 stories high. The spiral racks take ice cream from the packaging area and turn it into solid bricks that can be shipped to stores. At full capacity, the facility produces 3,500 cartons of ice cream an hour.

Roundy’s water and ice is made from Kenosha municipal water from Lake Michigan, which is filtered through a reverse osmosis process and sterilized with ultraviolet light. The two ice machines in the plant turn out 140 tons of ice a day.


  • Size: 116,000 SF
  • Artchitect: Gillespie Design Group