Kenosha County Public Safety Building

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Riley Construction provided preconstruction and construction management services for the Kenosha Public Safety Building Addition and Renovation project.  The Public Safety Building is the heart of Kenosha County’s and the City of Kenosha’s public safety and emergency operations.  It is home to the City of Kenosha Police Department, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, the Kenosha City/County Joint Services, the County Emergency Services Division and approximately 300 of the County Jail’s 857 prisoners.  The expansion created a multi-level, 57,600 SF addition consisting of a 15,500 SF basement and three levels above-surface floors built adjacent to the existing structure.  The basement provides 32 additional squad parking spaces and additional administrative shelled space for the Kenosha County Jail, a modern 13,300 SF 911-dispatch center, and IS facilities.  Another 14,500 SF of existing space was remodeled to match the new space, and provides enhanced jail security and allows video inmate visitation by family and others.


  • Size: 94,100 SF
  • Architect: Zimmerman Architectural Studios