Pleasant Prairie Department of Public Works Water Reservoir

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Riley Construction provided Construction Services for the new Village of Pleasant Prairie Department of Public Works Sheridan Road Booster Station and Reservoir.

As a result of rapid residential, industrial and commercial property growth, the Village saw the potential for its water demand to increase from 3.4 million gallons to nearly 21 million gallons per day (MGD).

In order to make this leap, the Village needed to add several miles of transmission mains, a new 5 million gallon prestressed concrete reservoir, similar to the existing Lakeview Reservoir, and a new 14 MGD booster pumping station that includes 48” pipe running into the pump house from the Kenosha Water Utility.

Due to the location of the booster station and reservoir, architectural treatments were added to create a more aesthetically pleasing facility for the community.



Size: 5,000 SF

Architect: Kelly Zylstra