Northwestern University Multiple Projects

Evanston, Illinois

Riley Construction has been working for Northwestern University since 2013.  In the past two years we have delivered 34 projects, both large and small.  The projects have consisted in renovations or additions of existing spaces, and relocation of all supporting utilities and equipment.  Some of the projects include:
• NU 1800 Sherman 2nd Floor Conference Room
• NU 1819 Himan Kresege
• NU 1819 Himan VP of Marketing
• NU 1940 Sheridan Road
• NU Anderson Lab Renovation
• NU Cook Hall Doors
• NU Englehart Lobby Renovation
• NU Ford Kitchen Cabinets
• NU Ford L1305 Door Modification
• NU Foundation Seepage
• NU Harris Lab H112
• NU Kozorovitskiy Lab
• NU Laser Lab
• NU Logan Lab
• NU M230 Fire Restoration
• NU Neuro1 Lab Reno Phase 1
• NU NG63-47 Chen Lab
• NU Pancoe Basement
• NU Ryan 4th Floor Office
• NU Schedit Lab
• NU Tech AG32 Renovation
• NU Tech AG52 Renovation
• NU Tech D130 Renovation
• NU Tech L440 Renovation
• NU Tech M190 & H143
• NU University Hall Book Cases


  • 2013 City of Evanston Preservation Award