Kenosha Water Utility

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Riley Construction Company provided site demolition, civil, landscaping, architectural, structural, process mechanical, building mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation work for multiple water treatment facilities associated with the microfiltration plant. The Microfiltration Plant has a summer capacity of 18 mgd and a winter capacity of 9 mgd and is the largest of its kind in the nation.  The water treatment plant includes:

  • New 0.35 million gallon reinforced concrete chlorine contact tank, new 2 million gallon reinforced concrete clearwell, and new 40 mgd treated water pump station
  • Modifications of the existing raw water pump station to provide 40 mgd of capacity
  • Modifications to the existing waste washwater equalization tank
  • Demolition of the existing garage, 2.5 million gallons buried reservoir, carbon slurry tanks, sedimentation basins, an over head pedestrian and utility bridge, and associated piping and equipment
  • Sitework including grading, drainage, yard piping, paving, landscaping, retaining walls and fencing
  • Installation of Control System for the water treatment plant and the water distribution system