Gateway Technical College Kenall Protective Services Training Center

Kenosha, Wisconsin

This facility provides new and enhanced training opportunities to the three-county area for veteran law enforcement officers, corrections, fire and EMS workers in area communities as well as students entering these career study areas. Training would help these professionals to train in a more realistic setting, providing them with the means to better face actual emergencies in the communities they protect and serve.

The 30,000 project features multiple state-of-the-art public safety learning labs including: Chem Lab – Students can recreate crime scene investigation forensics activities; Milo Lab – Training center that simulates firearms range. The video system is capable of broadcasting numerous scenarios that police officers may run into on a daily basis and students can practice multiple situations; Blood Spatter Room – Room that is dedicated to analyze bloodstains and patterns; Matt Room – Technical training where students participate in use of force scenario training to prepare them for on-the-job situations, it includes 2 jail cells. All scenario training is videotaped to help students study and make needed corrections; Twelve-Lane Gun Range – Increases shooter capacity, improves air quality, safety, and provides for better lead abatement; Multiple Instruction Classrooms and Student Activity Lounge.
The value of the center is that it can replicate an actual emergency in a much more complete manner than if police, fire and EMS trained separately allowing the students to understand the concept of a unified command working together.


  • Size: 30,000 SF
  • Architect: Partners In Design Architects