Abbott Laboratories Building AP39 Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development Center

Abbott Park, Illinois

Riley Construction provided construction services for Abbott Laboratories Drug Formulation Development Center.  The facility supplies pre-clinical, and clinical development initiatives for new and existing compounds.  The two-story masonry, glass, metal, and precast building, features four potent drug process suites, and three non-potent drug process suites.  Each suite is designed for multi-functional uses.  Equipment installed is used for small-batch aqueous-based formulation activities including single-pot processing, high shear granulation, fluidized bed drying, blending, milling, encapsulation, tablet compression, and table coating.  Among the main features are: Separate personnel and material airlocks with decontamination showers in personnel airlocks; Document isolators in potent suites since paper can’t be decontaminated; Continuous monitoring of environmental conditions such as relative humidity, temperature and pressure are rigorously monitored; One-though air, circulated 20 times per hour, with HEPA supply and return; Negative pressures in processing areas; Bag in/Bag out HEPA, accessed from the potent process side; and Contained drain systems.


  • Size: 62,839 SF